2019 Rarangi Spectacular

2019 McKendry Honda Summer Spectacular

2019 results Men and Women

Men’s & Women’s Pairs Nett Tournament

Saturday, January 26 & Sunday January 27.

Best Ball Day One – Combined Nett Day Two.

Entry fee $50 per player for 2 rounds ($100 per team)

Over $15,000 in prizes!

Light meal available and calcutta draw at Clubhouse on Saturday Night.

Numbers limited so hurry and get in your entry today –2019 Spec Entry form – CLICK HERE.

Any questions email specrarangi@nullgmail.com


  TEE #1     TEE #11  
         7.02 B MacDonald    P Browning S Russell           W King          7.02 A Hogg         N Reeves D Price           R Morris
         7.09 M  Milne           B Verry M Newport          S Moffat          7.09 K Fyfe          R Meaclen S Mcaa          S Giblin
         7.16 P Hill                D Hubert J Norton             G Kerrigan          7.16 R Van Asch  H Eradus P Way            A Ellis
         7.23 B Curgenven     D Best J Cooke             M Gibb          7.23 Y Ando         M McLeod R Willems      M Gardiner
         7.30 P d’Auvergne    H Morrow T Faifau             H Fitzgibbon          7.30 C Masters     B Masters A Isle             J Hornby
         7.37 G Barnett         T Glubb P Norton            N Smith          7.37 R Brooks      S Rainbird L McAlpine     D Wye
         7.44 STARTERS TIME            7.44 STARTERS TIME  
         7.51 M Inwood         B Hedges K Gill                 G Illott          7.51 S Godsiff       M Best A Beard         L Naysmith
         7.58 C Dawson        R Thompson M Edmonds       A Stevenson          7.58 H Neame       P Martin S Greenstreet K Dickson
         8.05 C Neame         J Alexander B Hale               I Hale          8.05 I Berrie          G McCarthy N Kydd          N Heffer
         8.12 N Reed            K McConchie L Batchelor        D Betts          8.12 A Parker        P Ferguson H Evans        B Evans
         8.19 M McLeod       W Moffat R Kydd              D McCarthy      
      12.00 A Shutkowski     A Ross O Glover             F Barnett       12.00 T Jordan        A Milne W Pluss          H Bloemberg
      12.07 P Silke              A Hickey J Minhinnick        L Keegan       12.07 H Beard        L Nuttall M Ingram         M Swanson
      12.14 M Hampton        R Lacey J Anderson-Bay   J Laing       12.14 G Bertogg     S McLean I Richards        J Fowke
      12.21 S Lang              L Brice J Rainbird            P Bavin       12.21 B Bavin         B Holden T Davies          G Kirby
      12.28 M Grant             B Quaife D Hedges            T Appleman       12.28 J Campion     G Thorn K Foster          S Minhinnick
      12.35 J Davies            V Graham J Overall              G Latimer       12.35 M Garrett      D Robertson P Ryan            G Johnson
      12.42 STARTERS TIME         12.42 STARTERS TIME  
      12.49 J Findlay           W Ingram A Yemm             M Ponder       12.49 G Lang         D Watson B Lawless        T Emerans
      12.56 A Young            M Irving O Gibbs              T Grant       12.56 D McCrindle  T Robertson A Minhinnick    J Ingram
         1.03 B Johnstone      N Martin E Kahaki             N Thomson          1.03 S Grant         M Smith A Tasker          T Hamilton
         1.10 P Franks           G Kirkwood J January            J Jones          1.10 R Johi           D Knappstein J Kotua            J Tukeke
         1.17 D Looker           N Allen D Simmons         C Park      


Naming Sponsor:- McKendry Honda
Platinum Sponsor:- Floorpride Ltd
Gold Sponsors:- Provincal Coldstore Cloudy Bay Funerals, WK Advisors, TC Nicholls, Marlborough Tours, Rutledge Family, Golf Hub, House of Travel, Pak ‘n’ Save
Silver Sponsors:- Drummond and Etheridge, T & D Construction, Donegal House. Harcourts, Spring Creek 4 Square,
ITM, Repco, Spring Creek Motels, Thomas’s, McRaes/Red Hot Fashions,Appliance Plus, Speights Breweries, Speights Ale House, Honey Collection
Bronze Sponsors:- Wain & Naysmith, Giesen Wines, Clarke Estate, St Clair, Indevin
Other Sponsors:- Medi Spa, Jo & Garry Barnett, Makana Confections, Thyme Bank, Dawn Martin, Mitsubishi Motors, Hynds Pipes, Viridian Glass

The draw will be posted on the web site from Wednesday 23 January 2019 and also printed in The Sun newspaper on 23 January 2019.