Course Tour


Blue: 6240 metres Par 72 Slope 115 NZSRC 72.9
White: 5893 metres Par 72 Slope 115 NZSRC 71.3
Red: 5338 metres Par 72 Slope 110 NZSRC 68.0


Yellow: 5338 metres  Par 74  Slope 126  NZSRC 73.7

The women usually play off the Yellow tees (distance as for the Red tees described below) in club events. The hole descriptions apply, as for the men. Some of the par values on certain holes are different, as are the strokes on handicap.

Hole Summary and Course Tour

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1st Rarangi

Par: 4
Men's Stroke: 14
Women's Stroke: 11

Deemed as the 14th stroke hole, you would be under the impression for it to be benign.

2nd Plantation

Par: 5
Men's Stroke: 4
Women's Stroke: 9

First of the par 5s, wide enough to make your muscles twitch with anticipation from the tee and fairway metal.

3rd Beejay

Par: 3
Men's Stroke: 18
Women's Stroke: 17

First of the par 3s, looks trouble free, but then there is a bunker skulking at the front left.

4th Lone Pine

Par: 4
Men's Stroke: 2
Women's Stroke: 1

The green is a tilted tester, like the flap on a jet coming into land.

5th Slopes

Par: 4
Men's Stroke: 6
Women's Stroke: 5

From the tee you aim to a gentle dogleg right, but make sure your drive is left of centre, to give an uninterrupted approach to the green.

6th Pylon

Par: 3
Men's Stroke: 16
Women's Stroke: 15

Downhill par 3 towards the pylons, carrying South Island’s precious power to the North Island. It is the 16th stroke hole for men, 15th for women.

7th Marshlands

Par: 5
Men's Stroke: 10
Women's Stroke: 3

Second of the par 5’s , you mid handicappers should be looking for a relaxed par, as it is the tenth stroke hole; but for women it's rated as a stroke 3.

8th Manukas

Par: 4
Men's Stroke: 12
Women's Stroke: 7

Manukas is a an uphill par 4 that has a mild bend to the right if you hit your drive sweetly, otherwise you may be bonding with more of Rarangi’s Macrocarpa.

9th Underwood

Par: 4
Men's Stroke: 8
Women's Stroke: 13

From the tee to the back of the green everything on this hole slopes gently away from the golfer

10th Tapi

Par: 4
Men's Stroke: 3
Women's Stroke: 12

From the tee, the green can look as far away as the mountain sometimes, especially into a brisk wind from the west. Men par 4; Women par 5

11th Seaview

Par: 4
Men's Stroke: 5
Women's Stroke: 14

This hole is only a pitch shorter than the 10th, but does have the advantage of a fairway that carries it’s width right to the green. Par 4 for Men and par 5 for Women.

12th Pukaka

Par: 3
Men's Stroke: 17
Women's Stroke: 16

After two testing holes, the 12th is the first par 3 on the back nine. There have been more holes in one here than any other par 3 on the course.

13th Ngaios

Par: 5
Men's Stroke: 9
Women's Stroke: 8

Just more pines with annoying hanging branches, making shot play from their shadows and in your face difficult. There is reward if you hit your drive clean and straight.

14th Fences

Par: 4
Men's Stroke: 1
Women's Stroke: 6

The number one stroke hole, uncommon is that the distance between the back tee ( Blue ) and the club tee ( white )is negligible. This hole is unnerving and favours those with steady nerves and a Hogan like swing.

15th Tuamarina

Par: 4
Men's Stroke: 11
Women's Stroke: 2

Key to this par 4 is a steady drive just left of centre.

16th Hollows

Par: 3
Men's Stroke: 15
Women's Stroke: 18

The final par 3.

17th Matagouri

Par: 4
Men's Stroke: 7
Women's Stroke: 10

An uphill dogleg left that flattens slightly before a second to an elevated green with pronounced slope from back to front.

18th Lansdowne

Par: 5
Men's Stroke: 13
Women's Stroke: 4

The shortest par 5 - you hit from an elevated tee between trees lining both sides of the fairway, to a landing area that will uplift you even further.