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From Mashie Niblick

I find it still  quaint that clubs today still have their traditional Closing Day’s this month. Most need to be 12 month businesses to survive, having a Closing Day seems to be bad marketing.

It is a throw back to the 50’s when golf in New Zealand was a winter pursuit. Summer membership was cheaper simply because greens were the only part of the course that received water and the brick hard, cracked dry fairways were like playing on kitchen lineo. ( another thing of the past!! )  Also all our sporting pursuits were seasonal. Labour Day marked the point in the year when the cricket bat came out, the tennis racket was restrung the lawn mower began to dominate  our weekend pursuits and the garden dug. The clubs put away until Easter. Now we play rugby in January, cricket in Dubai and golf 24/7.

October has been another Lydia month.  What can you say about this 18 year old.  When I first started to play golf at 18, we were not allowed in the club house, could only tee off between 800 and 900am and had to play with a member. Had to wear long hose, not have your shirt hanging out and let members always play through.  

Now you web surfers might be interested in tis site I have come across, Pure Point golf. Google it and I am sure you will find it very informative, with lots of good advice tips and news about the game.

The site comes out of Arizona home of some of the best resort course in the world, where there are literally No Closing Days.

The piece I have selected is a little homily, but pop into their website it’s very good. 


The golf course is your battle field  

Your job is to minimize casualties (strokes).

The fewer you take the better. 

And that comes down to knowing your strengths and weaknesses on the course.

Play to your strengths.  

Let your opponents wonder how you’re doing it.

As an example, let’s say your fairway percentage off the tee box is less than 20% with your driver, less than 40% with your 3-wood but 75% with your 3 or 4-iron.

Even though you’ll be shorter than most of the people playing, you will more than likely be in the fairway.  It’s better to be a little short than to be in the woods looking for a ball, underwater and with a penalty stroke.

It all comes back to playing smart golf. 

Practice your driver on the range or for the casual play days.

When you’re playing for bragging rights or some doh-ray-mi (aka: smackers), then play smart.

I’d be a betting man that you’ll end up with a better score.

You see, when your buddies are getting frustrated seeing your score, they’re going to grip-it-and-rip it off the tee, take aggressive shots, and play into your hands.

Again, smart golf on your part.

To a better golf game,

Jay Simcic

Purepoint Golf Team

PS- How well do you hit out of the sand?  If you want to start making bunker shots that are more consistent, closer to the hole, and that put you into position for a tap-in, then you’ve got to check out what we’ve got in store for you… http://purepointgolfacademy.com/ppga-thebunker

Good comments about last months putting tip from Brad Faxon

Here is another that will really help you…



Good Golfing after Closing Day, I’m driving the ball 30 meters further!!!!