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From Mashie Niblick

David Leadbetter has produced his first instructional book in 10 years, with,  Golf Digest Editor Ron Kospriske.

It’s a ground breaking book and an evolution of his swing theories.
David is claiming inside the dust jacket that this new approach to swinging the club will transform your game.

His CV is impressive, he has coached players who have gone on to win 19 major championships and gained recognition  when he rebuilt Nick Faldo’s swing to become hottest golfer on the planet.

His new book The A Swing, the alternative approach to great golf. It’s a simple way to swing the club and only requires minimal practice. His theories have been tested from tour player to beginner.

The book is very well produced with clear text and excellent illustrations.

Mashie Niblick recommends  that it’s with worth a look at and may well be the key to your golf improvement.

Through Amazon you can buy the hard cover or kindle version. I understand the DVD will be available soon.

To bring you up to speed on this new swing development click on the link below. David Leadbetter presents his A Swing in front of a group of PGA Professionals.


Now you have heard David, the next link is a review of A swing. Piers Ward and Andy Ploughman are two english pros that run a very informative golf website on golf trends and coaching, if you click on the link below
they explain their take on the A Swing

Good golfing. Hope David’s new swing theory will have your Slope Index going down and you will be collecting lots of Meat Vouchers.

May all your putts find gravity

See you in August

Mashie Niblick