14th Fences

Par: 4
Men’s Stroke:1
Women’s Stroke: 6

The number one stroke hole (stroke 6 for Women for some reason); uncommon is that the distance between the back tee ( Blue ) and the club tee ( white )is negligible.
It’s an unsettling piece of golf design  favouring those with steady nerves and a Hogan like swing. The tee box is only a metre from an out of bounds fence, and  runs parallel and close to the fairway on the left hand side, all the way and to the green. Most play away from the trouble, but the fairway is not wide and on the right is a grove of trees.  The green  is narrow and slopes towards the out of bounds fence.  A  final tester of a memorable par 4, Rarangi’s toughest.  But don’t be discouraged I once saw a 21 handicapper get a birdie and a scratch player make 6.


Blue White Red Yellow
356m 343m 296m 296m