Course Covid-19 Lockdown Information

Message to Members, Visitors, and others using our Golf Course..

We have now moved to National Covid 19 Level 2 (from Tuesday midnight September 7th) restrictions - "be extremely careful and vigilant" Level.

We have a QR Code posted at the clubhouse for those who can "check-in" using the government Covid Tracer app., which is now mandatory or use the manual check-in procedure.

Here is a printable PDF with our QR Code included as well - RGC Covid19 QR Code

             General Golf Operations Guidance:
Golf is permitted under fairly restrictive Rules which we all need to abide by, or we will have to close the Course until we get to a lower Level.

1. All buildings and Facilities (including toilets and ablution blocks) are now back in service although showers cannot be used. 
2. Drinking Fountains are ok to use - but sanitise
3. Players are able to print a card but not exchange with playing companions. They must sanitise after use of Course equipment.
4. ALL Visitors (playing or not) are required to complete Contact Tracing Checking in. You are able to use the QR Code that takes you to the DotGolf Check-In page using just a "Scanning" App on your phone, or you can Check In using the NZ Golf/DotGolf App on your phone, else complete the handwritten page (particularly for Non-Golfers). 
We have QR Codes up for the Covid 19 Contact Tracing which is the other mandatory checkin requirement..
5.All players should wear a mask when in closer proximity to other Players than the recommended 2metre Social Distancing Rule currently in place.
6. You are still able to "Get an electronic Score Card" from our System (Once you CheckIn on Dot Golf). The card stays on your phone during the round using no data, or needing connectivity out on the Course).
7. Flagsticks are back on the course but aren't allowed to be touched - there is product in the hole to stop the ball going to the bottom. We have introduced the 30cm "Gimmee" Local Rule which is recognised by Golf NZ for Handicapping purposes. Rakes are removed and we have a LOcal Rule allowing for free relief from disturbed ground in a bunker.
8. Yes Greenfees are still payable please.

As any new information comes to hand/changes happen and/or decisions made we will update you here and Club Members also by email. 

An important component to these Operating instructions is that if you are unwell, and/or have any Covid 19 type symptoms - please get tested  by your Doctor asap, and stay away until you are "cleared". The Delta strain of  Covid 19 is extremely virulent, and not everyone is vaccinated yet.

Regards, Gordon. Club President.

The Rarangi Golf Club recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary and enjoys an enviable reputation as one of the top courses in the “Top-of-the-South”.  A popular course for major competitions and inter-provincial events it also has a reputation for being one of the most welcoming to visitors with its friendly members and social clubhouse.

The Club has about 250 members and employs two paid greens staff – a senior Green keeper and a grounds man. The Club is managed by a volunteer committee who are supported by a willing workforce of members at working bees and carrying out everyday maintenance work freeing the greens staff for ongoing development of the course.

As there is no full time manager at the course you may not get an immediate response to a phone call at 03 570 5709;  for Bookings  –  email us at




until further notice.

(These usual Rules don’t apply until further notice)

The club invites members of the Motor Caravan Association to park overnight before or after a game of golf. Fee $10 PER PERSON for parking is waived if at least one FULL green fee is paid. Showers and toilets available. Free WiFi.

Contact for further information


Starting Times

Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays. Mixed and Men
Summer:  Saturday 12:00 Report to starter by 11:45am                      Sunday 11.00 Report to Starter by 10.45am

Winter: ( June, July and August ) 11:00am:
Report to starter by 10:45am
Starting tees: 1st 9th and 11th.
Midweek Men

Wednesday: 11:00am: Report to starter 10.45am
Midweek Women

Thursday: 10:00am: Report to starter 9:45am

Summer (December, January, February)
09:00-09:15am: Report to starter 8:45am
Winter: (June July August)
10:15-10:30am: Report to starter 10:00am
Green Jacket: Unofficial Men’s event

Friday: 12:00 noon


WHS Handicapping is now in place and Handicaps will prospectively change after every round (overnight) …  wall charts are posted showing handicap ranges for different slope indexes – check on Dot Golf, and read your card every round.

Slow Play

Players must move briskly between shots. When the last player has putted out , move away from the green before filling in scorecards. Players losing one clear hole in front or looking for lost ball, should let the following players play through.

In competition if players fail to follow this procedure they may be penalised under Rule 5.6a and should conform to 5.6b.

Players on the course and not playing in the competition must give way at all times.

Green Fee players must show on their bags or person a swinger, that they have paid for the round before they have begun their round.

Green Fee charges are displayed outside the club house and may now be paid by Internet banking – a screen shot of the transaction is all that is required as proof of payment.

Upcoming Events

Course Etiquette

  • Please replace all divots and carry a sand bucket with you, available on stand next to putting green.
  • Repair all ball marks on greens. Rake bunkers after use (when in use).
  • Carts are to be kept clear of tees and 5me clear of greens.
  • Keep the course tidy, rubbish containers are at every tee.
  • Players are expected to maintain a reasonable standard of dress. Shirts must be worn at all times, golf shoes used on the course must not be worn in the club house.
  • Children are not permitted in the club house unless under supervision.

Rarangi Golf Club gives a special welcome to our sister club members.

  • Otago Golf Club
  • Dannevirke Golf Club
  • Patea Golf Club
  • Weedons Golf Club
  • Miramar Golf Club
  • Marlborough Golf Club, England.

There are also special playing rights for:

Marlborough Golf Club (Fairhall),  Greenacres Golf Club, Nelson.