February Blog with Mashie Niblick

I have been away enjoying summer delights with family, so the Blog has been in recess, like my game. The highlight for the club in January was The Sound 96.1 FM Summer Spectacular. The first event was played in 1982 and since then it has been the club’s centre piece event for 34 years.

Remember those heady days of 1982? Rob Muldoon announced a 12 month price and wage freeze. Dave Dobbyn was voted our most promising singer, with DD Smash. The first FM Radio station went air. We won 5 Gold Medals at the Commonwealth Games. All Whites were in the Soccer World Cup finals in Barcelona.

With the help of Social Credit, National got through the Red tape to build the Clyde Dam project. A Punk Rocker, Neil Roberts tried to bomb the Whanganui Data Base. Terry Gale won the NZ Golf Open, Craig Sadler The Masters and Tom Watson won both the USA and The Open Championships.  

Our first Spectacular raised $2000 for the club, that included bar takings. A young and promising chap Wayne Bowie won with help from B Ashby;  celebrations rocked the club house.

Back then a jug cost $1.50 and half handle 45 cents. You paid $85 dollars for full membership, Ladies $70. Membership was booming with 22 new members signing up. On Closing day the course was jam packed with a field 170, the 19th jammed packed. Heady days.

So the tradition continues ( although the beer is dearer ) but the Spectacular is still the best club event in the province. Well done to Jos Smith and her crew of helpers plus our major sponsors: The Sound FM, Marlborough Travel. Marlborough TV Services, Peter Mark Floor Pride, PAKnSAVE, ITM and Bluebridge.

A couple of interlopers from the other side of the railway line, raced off down the road with their boot full of most of the prizes, including the ” claret jug ” This raiding party came under the names of Davis and Greenhill from the Marlborough Golf Club, and their two day total of  189 was earth shattering. On the Richter Scale a plus 10.

They were12 shots ahead of local heros Terry Grant and Marty Smith. They are good men. Terry learnt his skills of the sand dune courses of Scotland and he has even played and tamed the Old Course at St Andrews. While Marty hits it a country mile, most of the holes he is usually pulling out out 58 degree wedge for his second!

A combined 61 on the first day while individual scores of 65 and 63 on Sunday was the jaw dropping scores of the Davis and Greenhill. Grant and Smith’s  scoreboard read 66 67 68. I think they got a chocolate fish each!!!

Thought you might be interested in listening to some sage advice from Lee Trevino. Rated as one of the greatest ball strikers in the history of the game, the TEXMex always seemed to have the ball on the end of a piece of string. His short game was magic  and if you click on the link below or Google : Lee Trevino – wedge play tips ( wrist cock ) I think it may help you. Or just go to the link:

www.youtube.comwatch ?v=JbkLDwa1Nxc

Hope you enjoyed that piece of advice.

Now I have got idea to attract more people to play the game, while it’s appreciated that most recreational pastimes are feeling the pinch, with playing numbers and $.

Google: YouTube Golf Brooks Par 7

Love it.   

In four weeks it will be March and then a month later The Masters.

So go out there enjoy your golf, time not waiting  and support your club. Rarangi is a great place with great people, we are so fortunate to have this great all weather facility.  Opening Day is Sunday 14th February, go out and enjoy the popular American Greensome Tournament, a fun way to start your golfing year.

May all your putts find gravity

Mashie Niblick