Club Championship Finals

Saturday 25th September

Course CLOSED for all other Play


The Draw for Club Champs 2021 is as follows.   Finals Day 25th Sept

Tee Number 11 ( please note if match goes to extra holes starting hole will be number 1 )

36 Hole Match Play
8.00 Men’s Junior A                 C.Dawson v G Barnett.      Ref. O Gibbs
8.10  Ladies Bronze 2               P Olliver. V  K Payne.         Ref C Heppelthwaite
8.20 Men’s Intermediate B.     B Keenan. V I Berrie.          Ref T Grant

Tee Number 1

36 Holes Match Play
8.00 Ladies Bronze 1.          A Newman. V. F Price.          Ref W Moffat
8.10 Men’s Intermediate A.   J Minhinnick  v  G Lang.     Ref T Lane
8.20 Ladies SIlver.               A Minhinnick. V. A Thomas.  Ref D  McCrindle     
8.30 Men’s Senior.              B Bavin.  V. B Hale.                 Ref B Masters 

Tee Number 1

18 Holes Match Play
9.30 Ladies Consolation   M Smith v Sue Campbell players receive strokes.
9.40 Men’s Junior B          P Browning. V. B Tapp.                   Ref David Best
Tournament convenor  P d’Auvergne

Players note that if we are unable to proceed with the day the reserve day is Sunday 26th Sept.

The course  is closed for general play but why not come along and see some great match ups across the board. Good golf guaranteed.

Cheers Phil