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From Mashie Niblick

Lydia Ko, winning her third Canadian Open title on August 24th in Vancouver, underlined again what a remarkable talent this 18 year Korean born, New Zealand raised golf star is, even judged by the toughest of criteria.

She won her first Canadian title as a 15-year-old amateur setting a record that is already acknowledged as one of the games greatest feats.

If she can remain injury free and motivated within the professional ranks, who knows what she may be able to achieve.

Lydia has set a very high bar for those that follow.

The women’s professional game at present is expanding at a remarkable rate, enjoying global television coverage and commercial attention unthought-of by the 13 women’s players who set up the LGPA tour in 1950.

There was not even a women’s teaching division in golf then. That took another nine years until America Hall of Fame golfer – Marilynn Smith of California set up the extra arm of the LGPA.

In 1965 she came to New Zealand spreading the word and encouraging women to take a more active role in the playing and coaching side of the golf.

Today the women’s professional game is truly worldwide. Even more so than the men’s, they have been discussing an elite world schedule for years.

The LGPA season runs from late January, with 31 tournaments for the leading players on the world rankings. They trip all over the world, as well the United States: South Korea, Malaysia, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Thailand, England and Scotland, Singapore, China, Mexico, Taiwan, and Japan – a very large golfing stage.

Next month the focus will be in Germany where the Solheim Cup will be staged at the St Leon-Rot Heidelberg Golf Club, from 10-13 September.

Like the Men’s Ryder Cup this is a team event between the United States and Europe. Twelve players from each side, compete in foursomes, four ball and singles.

Karsten Solheim, set up the event in 1990. Karsten was a leading golf club maker, who began the Ping Company.

This month the United States team will be lead by Stacy Lewis and Europe by Suzann Pettersan.

Since 1990 United States have won the Cup 8 times and Europe 5, although Europe have won the last two events.

Probably the most famous name in Solheim Cup history is Laura Davies of England, who has won more single matches and four ball matches than any other player in the 25 year history of the event..

After the Solheim Cup the Ladies Tour swings through Asia with 6 events in Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, China and Japan. Each winner accumulates 500 points in the Race to the CME Globe Championship. The tour ends with that event in in Florida.

Up to the Canadian Open on the 28th August, Inbee Park with 3726 points leads Lydia Ko 3268 and Stacy Lewis 2604, with plenty of action packed golf to come.

Inbee has had a great year with 4 wins, Lydia has 3, while Stacy has been very consistent although yet to have a victory.

Brent Kelley of, already ranks Inbee 38th in his all time list of great women players. She has already won 7 Major Championships and was the youngest player to have won the United States Open.

At 27 the South Korean who won a scholarship to the University of Nevada, is the favourite to win the Globe Tour Championship although 18 year old Lydia Ko is treading on her heels.

Inbee has a very interesting swing. Upright and short, without a lot of rotation, but very accurate. She also is rated by many experts as the best putter in the world, in either the men’s or women’s games.

Click on the link below and look at the swing that has made Inbee women’s golf, hottest property.


Spring has arrived , hope it lightens your step on the fairways and may your putts all finds gravity.

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Mashie Niblick