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Golf Digest March issue is full of the latest in golf club improvements with a ranking of the best of the best, plus an interesting article, Why a Driver Fitting  Matters. Worth a perusal you golfing nuts.

Check it out on:       http://www.golfdigest.com  


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April is a grand month for golf in Marlborough, the course recovering rapidly from its summer tan, the greens cored and running true, the Autumn growth making a walk at Rarangi lift your spirits and do wonders for your game too.


Rarangi is a Brilliant all weather course but it has special qualities in autumn. The weather is kindly, little wind and the cooler mornings turn in to splendid days. Long term the forecast is for clear skies, average 17 degrees with the wind light and variable.

Come and visit us now. Play some golf at Rarangi and enjoy Brilliant Marlborough.


If golf is at it’s best good in Marlborough during April, it certainly is a feature of Augusta, Georgia too.


The Masters is “ a tradition unlike any other “ so voiced CBS anchor man Bob Nantz back in 1986.

That phrase has become the property of the telecast not CBS and this year the Masters committee had it placed on a T-shirt and it sold out in a few days.

A little like the phrase Amen Corner, penned by noted sports writer Herbert Warren Wind in 1958, when describing the critical action on the final day when Arnold Palmer and Ken Venturi were battling it out over the pivotal holes , 11, 12 and 13. That phrase is now part of Masters lore.


Every year the Augusta Chronicle get 90 of the top USA and International writers and commentators to pick their winner. Interestingly 26 of the 90 chose Jordan Spieth, 12 thought Rory McIlroy would win the Green Jacket and 11 Jason Day.

The Golden Bear is right into the modern age. Here’s his tweet on Jordan Spieth’s great victory. A wonderful tribute from the world’s greatest golfer.


Jack Nicklaus

@jacknicklaus – Tweeted on 13th April 2015 00:23

“Congratulations to an exceptionally talented young man. That was an incredible performance. It was so apparent that he learned down the stretch last year, but you have to remember, he was only 20 at the time. Now he’s a grizzled veteran at 21 years old—just 21. Jordan is so beyond his years. I like everything about the young man. He’s polite. He’s humble. He handles himself so well, on and off the golf course. And he’s obviously a wonderful player and now a Masters champion. I think Jordan Spieth is a great person—just as I think Rory McIlroy is—to carry the mantle for the game of golf.”


“I am someone who likes the new generations. I always have. I think it energizes the game of golf. We had Arnold’s generation; then it came to my generation; then Tom Watson came along; and right on down the line to Tiger and Rory. And now we have Jordan Spieth. There are some older players who have been terrific for a long time, but actually this might be time for the young guys to take over.”

A Practice Round with a Difference.


Sandy Lyle, the Scot who won his Green Jacket in 1988 and still plays in the event as a Masters’ Champion, played a practice round at Augusta on Saturday before Masters week

with a set of hickory clubs made by Tad Moore.

Tad an American has been making hand crafted hickory clubs since 1963. Sandy played the full 18 holes off the championship tees, pared only 2 holes the 1st and 18th and did not break 80.

At the Champions dinner that night, Tiger Woods wanted to know how he could get a set.

If you want a set to, check out: www.tadmoore.com


Some Masters Tit Bits.


For winning the Masters Jordan Spieth won 1.8 million dollars, with 3 million more in related earnings.


Michelson and Rose second equal shared a purse of 1.6 million.


Jack Nicklaus who won 6 Masters earned a total of $ 269.000

for his efforts. While Ben Hogan, who won in 1951 and 1953, earned $7000.



A Media Conference Gem


Best quote from the post Masters media conference was Tiger talking about his tree root experience that hurt his wrist.


“ There was a little joint that popped back out and I was able to some how put it back in, which did not feel really good, bit at least it got back in and I could move my hand again,”


Really! Dr Who?


Walking the Course.


When Woods won and set the record shooting 18 under par, Augusta was 6332 metres, Spieth had to navigate a course that was 6798 metres long.


Will Augusta run out of room?


Rarangi’s Green Jacket


Rarangi Golf Club has a Green Jacket tradition just like the Masters.

The friday men play for the right to don it, when they are the best of the best on the day. It hangs on a coat hook near the bar and like Augusta, the jacket is never allowed to leave the club grounds as is the rule for all members at Augusta.


The special tradition Rarangi Golf Club has with the Green Jacket, is that anyone who has a double bogy on the day donates $1.00 to the prize fund.


I wonder if they have thought about doing that at Augusta?



May all your putts find gravity.




Mashie Niblick.