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A fully stocked shop.
A fully stocked shop.

Sharpies Golf – Blenheim

Marlborough is an urban/rural area with 7 golf courses in the province served by one professional who has a shop in Blenheim – Sharpies Golf.

Jonti Philipson makes a huge contribution to golf in the region and is the principle source for all our golfing needs and Rarangi see him as our club pro.

His shop is situated at 21 Alfred Street.
Tel: 03 578 3801

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Jonti’s Tip of the Month

“The direction of your golf ball is determined by your position of clubface
at the moment of impact. In fact the clubface has a 90% influence of the
direction of your shots. The first thing to check is your grip – which is
the steering wheel of your swing. In order for you to hit shots that fly
straight, ensure you have the grip!”

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